Trick To Activate Whatsapp Calling Feature Without Root

Whatsapp was meant to be a simple chatting application but after wooing millions of users worldwide in a span of almost 20 years, and getting acquired by Facebook which in turn introduced whatsapp on Web and setting up a buzz by allowing free whatsapp calls, I’m here to show you how to get it enabled and running in your Android device without root. Just follow the below mentioned steps without skipping any to get free calling feature on whatsapp.
Every android user is aware of whatsapp and almost all users of android use whatsapp as communication medium recently whatsapp launched whatsapp calling feature but officially none of user got this feature but we have brought a trick by which you can easily activate your whatsapp calling feature without rooting your device. It’s a so easy task to activate whatsapp calling feature you just need to update your whatsapp version for this fearure . So lets come on main trick and read this full tutorial to get avtivated your calling feature .

Steps to “Activate Whatsapp Calling Feature Without Root Access”

  • First of all go to Settings of Your Whatsapp > Help > About and check there your whatsapp version . Your version should be 2.11.561 but you will find that your’s is below than this.
  • Now if your version is below than 2.11.561. Then Download Whatsapp 2.11.561 version from above link . (You will not find this version on Play Store so download from here)
  • Now After Downloading new version install new version in your device and open updated whatsapp.
  • After updating whatsapp and check your whatsapp version it should be 2.11.561 or see screenshot
  • Now you need a that person which already have activated Whatsapp Calling Feature and say him to call on your number . Once he calls on your number and you Accept that call after that your whatsapp calling feature will be activated .
  • You just need to receive call once from already activated whatsapp calling user.
  • Thats all once you accept call your whatsapp calling feature will be activated within minute . and no need to root device.
  • If after doing all above steps and receiving calls your calling feature not gets enabled then go to Settings > Apps > Whatsapp > Force Stop and now start whatsapp again may you get that feature.
  • Guy’s it seems that this feature is getting activated only for few users and many users are not getting this feature enabled. so guys you can wait for official update from whatsapp team if you did not got this feature.

Here is proof of whatsapp calling feature

Note: You can message me at 9729124905 on whatsapp for first time call to get activated your whatsapp calling feature . Message me on whatsapp i will call you through whatsapp and your calling feature will gets activated.
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