Flipkart Free Delivery Trick To Bypass Delivery Charges

Flipkart is the one of most popular online shopping website. Which is known for genuine and quality for products. Many of us purchase online products from flipkart. But there is a thing which hesitates us to purchase small products from flipkart. That thing is Delivery Charges. Flipkart charges 40rs. as delivery charges for almost all products having price less than 500. But now you don’t need to worry about delivery charge because today we have brought special trick for rdxtricks users by which you can bypass delivery charges on flipkart. But this trick will work only for WS Retail products. If you are purchasing any product from WS Retail seller then you can use this trick to bypass delivery charges. One thing more that almost 70% products are sold by ws retail seller on flipkart mostly electronic products. So just follow some simple steps below to bypass delivery charges easily on flipkart.Note: Seller of product must be WS Retail to use this trick and price less than 500. Before using this product make sure that seller is WS Retail.

How to ‘Bypass Flipkart Delivery Charges or Free Delivery Trick Of Flipkart’

  • First of all search for your product which you wants to purchase.
  • Now check the seller of product. If seller of product is WS Retail then you can bypass delivery charges.
  • As you can see in the above image that seller is WS Retail and chargin Rs.40 delivery charges. So it can be bypassed.
  • After checking seller add product to cart.
  • Suppose that we added 200 Rs/ product to cart. To use this trick we need to make final payment more than Rs.500
  • Now add any other product to cart which is also sold by WS Retail and make final amount value more than Rs.500
  • After making final amount more than Rs.500 delivery charges will be bypassed. And you will be not charged extra for delivery charges.
  • Now complete order for both products.
  • After successful order go to My Orders and Cancel Extra Item which you dont wanna buy.
  • Voila! Now you will get your product without any delivery charges.

We are not responsible for any kind of harm or query. Use this trick at your own risk.

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