Airtel Freebies: Get Assured Surprise Gifts For Airtel Prepaid Users

Airtel- India’s largest mobile network provider has come up with a new exciting offer for their prepaid users. In which they are giving freebies gifts to each user. So guy’s you also must try this offer might you also wins freebies from airtel.

Steps to Get Assured Freebies From Airtel

Terms & Conditions

  • The Airtel Surprise Plan allows any existing or new Airtel Customer to be eligible to claim the Airtel Surprise. (‘Airtel Surprise Plan / Scheme’)
  • The Scheme is applicable to retail customers on Airtel Prepaid Data Pack only. (‘Eligible Customer’).
  • Under this plan Airtel shall be making disbursements of certain surprise gifts. (‘Airtel Surprise / Gift’)
  • An Eligible Customer shall be eligible to claim any one gift as the Airtel Surprise. The selection of a particular gift to be disbursed to a particular Eligible Customer shall be based on a random automated selection by Airtel. An Eligible Customer shall not have the option to make any selection.
  • The Airtel Surprise Plan shall be valid for a period of 90 days commencing from the date of launch of the Schemeduring which period Eligible Customers may follow the steps prescribes herein to claim their Airtel Surprise.
  • An Eligible Customer shall be required to log on to and provide the requisite details thereon, in order to unlock their respective Airtel Surprise and in order to claim his / her Gift under the said Scheme.
  • Each Eligible Customer may log on only one time for each individual Airtel Prepaid Data connection and claim his / her Gift. Repeated log ins shall not affect the nature of the Airtel Surprise made first available for the Eligible Customer to claim.
  • The disbursement of the individual Airtel Surprise shall be made to the Eligible Customer within the same session as the log-in and the Eligible Customer may claim the same upon following the steps prescribed for the same.
  • The scope of the Airtel Surprise Plan is limited to the disbursement of the Airtel Surprise. Once claimed, the terms and conditions of the owner of the product that forms the Airtel Surprise shall become applicable and the liability of Airtel as provider of the Airtel Surprise Plan shall cease.
  • The manner of claiming the Airtel Surprise and the terms and conditions becoming applicable upon claiming the Airtel Surprise shall vary depending on the nature of the gift disbursed.
  • The validity of the Airtel Surprise shall be for a period of 90 days from the date of disbursement during which period the Eligible Customer may follow the prescribed steps for claiming same. Upon expiry of the 90 day period the benefit under the specific Airtel Surprise shall also lapse.
  • The Airtel Surprise Plan is valid for Airtel Prepaid subscribers in India only.
    The benefit from the Airtel Surprise are non-transferable and may be claimed by the owner of the specific Airtel Prepaid Data Pack only.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Airtel and each Eligible Customer and by logging on to the specified URL to unlock the Airtel Surprise, you accept the same as binding upon you.
  • There is no fee payable for being an Eligible Customer under the Airtel Surprise Plan.

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