Trick To Create Single Name Account On Facebook (Latest Working Method 2016)

facebook single name account trick

You might have tried converting your facebook profile name into single name but you were failed into doing that. Because officially facebook doesn’t allow single name account. But now you can easily change your facebook profile name into single name by just using a small trick. There is no proxy or any country method in this tweak. To make single name account on facebook just follow some simple steps given below.

Steps to Create Single Name Account on Facebook

  • At first visit Facebook.Com and Login to your facebook account.
  • Now visit Facebook’s Language Change Page from here.
  • Change your language to Tamilmake single name account
  • After changing language to Tamil visit Facebook Setting Page page from here.
  • Then click on your Profile Name and simply remove your last name.
  • Enter your password and then click on save button.
  • That’s it, Now you will have single name account on facebook.
  • Finally change language to english and enjoy single name account.
  • Note: This trick will not work for those accounts who have changed their name earlier in past 60 days.

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