How To Grab a Spot On Leaderboard? Tips & Trick

How to grab a spot on Leaderboard? – Tips, Tricks started its journey as a normal web based game but as soon as it got massive response from players all around the world. team decided to launch it for Android and iOS devices.

Now, is one the most addictive game on the market right now and getting popular. It was released on March 27, 2016, and in a couple of months, it hit 10millions downloads on Google Play Store. is a simple game but addictive one. You need to eat as many as mass to grow bigger to grab a spot on the leaderboard, but that’s not going to be easy!
As you know, is a multiplayer game and in each server, there will be around 500 other players. So, you need to play carefully with full attention, and you never know who will attack you! So, here we decided to provide you tips and strategies to play safe and gain points. We hope those strategies will work for you! leaderboard tips tricks

First of all, you should know the basics of the game. You should not touch or go across the border, and your snake will die, and the game will end eventually! And you need to know, how people behave, and they will try their best to attack you. Some people are smart, and they will come up with different strategies to kill you. So, you need to be aware of it. You will need some time to get the catch of this game!
If you’re facing Lag Issue, then check out the article to know how to fix it easily!

Tips to grow bigger and grab a place in leaderboard

First of all, Name your snake. The leaderboard is always populated with creative snakes that are named, from the funny to the obscene. snake images

Beware that impolite words are filtered out and will be replaced.

Find the place, where many snakes roam around!

You can see the map on the bottom right side of the screen and go the place where you can see lots of dots. In a great place with lots of food you should be capable of reaching a span of 1000 in just a minute, but if you spawn someplace with very few dot, then it will take time to grow. So, Simply go to the center that’s where many snakes are there.

Don’t Be Greedy

When a snake dies, it turns into food. The issue is that other players will get the same thought, and then they run into each other. So, you may hit other snakes to prevent this make sure you never boost your snake when you are eating food. So, that you won’t hit other snakes.
Note: A poor internet connection can leave the game entirely unplayable, and even under perfect internet connection circumstances lag sometimes happens. If you have a high-speed internet connection, Then here is guide for you to fix lag in

Slither Battle: Offense

Hunting other snakes is probably the most entertaining thing about that match, interesting. Having said that, it’s risky. If you’re trying to get your name on the leaderboard, then you need some patience. Nevertheless, eating somebody gives you much more food than foraging. Below are some offensive strategies and their drawbacks. released a new update last week for smartphones on Google Play Store and iTunes. They have added three new controls, and a new feature (AI Mode) with AI mode you can play without an internet connection and all the snakes in the AI mode are Automated means it’s a single player mode, and it’s automated. As far as we observed that AI mode gameplay is easy, and you can play with any lag issues. So, Give a try to play on AI (Artificial Intelligent) mode!


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