Telecom Operators Spoiling Diwali Happiness

As the title says that ‘Telecom Operators are Spoiling Diwali Happiness’. So here we are going to discuss a few issues of telecom operators which are spoiling diwali happiness. As you all know that almost all the telecom operators charge amount from our main balance on the occasion of any festival. Diwali is about to come in a few days and it’s the only day when we need to make most of calls to our friends or relatives for wishing them a Happy Diwali but all the happiness get spoiled when it charge money from main balance instead of special pack or any minute pack. So here the major issue is that why telecom operators charge amount from main balance for making calls and sending text messages on the occasion of festivals. In this article we are going to cover some of these issues.


Reliance Jio’s POI Issue- Calls Are Not Getting Connected

But this diwali people are hoping a great happiness from telecom operators such as Reliance Jio which is offering unlimited free voice calls along with unlimited 4g internet which will let people talk hassle free to their relatives & friends without any worry of balance. Along with that happiness people may face some depression issue also due to Reliance Jio’s POI issue. Now a days you may have heard about Jio’s call drop issue which seems to be so much annoying. There are more than 120 millions call dropped due to POI issue.

Reliance Jio has complaint to TRAI that around 40 million (4 crore) calls are failed & dropped on Idea Cellular network. Simultaneously, the NLD (national long distance) capacity is also being expanded by nearly 50 per cent. As per the Jio Spokesman 75% of calls are getting dropped between idea and jio network. Over 120 million calls are dropped between Jio & Airtel. This is a breach of license conditions by the incumbent operators and severely impacts customer interests.

Black Out Days as Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are Charging for Voice Calling & Messaging

blackout days issue of telecom operators

Diwali is only few days away and everyone is excited to celebrate diwali. If you feel like sending SMS with diwali wishes to your friends, beware that all mobile operators has marked diwali as blackout days which means you will be charged from main balance for sending text messages and making calls on blackout days. Blackout days are particular days predefined by telecom operators on which discounted or special rate SMS and Voice calls will not be applicable and SMS/Voice calls will be charged at base tariff. Blackout days were introduced by TRAI to avoid network congestion due to heavy traffic on festive days.

This Diwali be ready to shell out more from your pocket, as operators have decided that Diwali day will be blackout day and users will have to pay premium rate for every sms sent from the mobile, existing sms pack facility will be withdrawn for the day. Standard sms charges applicable for both Local and National sms. Good news is that Reliance Jio doesn’t have any blackout days and you will be enjoy unlimited free voice calling from your jio even on blackout days but their call drop issue may disappoint you. As Diwali being the festival of light to remove the omen from the home, is celebrated all over the country, this decision of making the day as black out day is unethical and not at par with festive mood of the country. Operators should think on this.

Airtel, Idea and Vodafone Don’t Provide Free Services and When Someone Else Tries to Provide Free Calls They Block Them


As you all know that some telecom operators like airtel, idea and vodafone are not providing any free or cheap services to their users instead of offering free services they’re blocking calls of someone else who is offering such services. As we know that Reliance Jio is offering unlimited free voice calling over any network but now Jio users are facing excessive call drop issue while connecting to Airtel, Idea & Vodafone. Jio users need to redial numbers again & again multiple times to connect a single call over these telecom operators. Making call even become nightmare in busy time.

There is no perfect Solution is Jio call drop issue for now – New Jio users are scratching their heads over the matter. Taking an extra connection was only to enjoy Jio unlimited HD voice call but Airtel, Vodafone & Idea seem not here to entertain Jio users. Reliance Jio calls to Airtel, Vodafone, Idea are getting dropped due to lack of adequate POI (Point of Interconnects) from Incumbents. POI is necessary for connecting calls coming from another operators – It’s a shared infrastructure services every telecom operators share with other, In exchange providers get 15p/min IUC charge (Interconnect Usage Charge). Jio on other hand trying best to attract new customers by launching offers those are simply unexpected & surprising ! Jio is trying best to serve something new for next generation technologies. Solution to call drop issue over these networks is pending under TRAI.

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